Wellington crime: Thefts

20:13, Apr 12 2012

This week Statistics NZ published data from crimes that happended throughout the Wellington police district.

There were 42,444 crimes reported so we have picked out some trends to show the impact of theft on residents and police.

Words: Blair Ensor; Data: Blayne Slabbert

How many unsolved thefts were there?

Where are thefts in Wellington happening?


Wellington District Commander Superintendent Mike Rusbatch explains the trends from a police perspective.

The number of thefts across the Wellington District reflect the population size of each area, Mr Rusbatch says.

There are a large number of unresolved cases annually, but police have to prioritise their resources to deal with more serious crime, he says.

"We do prioritise our higher level violent offending - sex abuse, serious drug offending and put disproportionate effort around some of our organised criminal groups."

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