Can Maori learn from Hawaiians?

02:25, May 18 2012
KING TUHEITIA: Head of the Tainui tribe and Maori King.

Maori King Tuheitia is in Honolulu for the next week for discussions with native Hawaiian leaders as head of a delegation of 22 Maori leaders.

Three Wellington based Te Atiawa leaders -  Kara Puketapu, Neville Baker and Kura Moeahu - are members of the royal delegation which arrived in Honolulu on Thursday and will return to New Zealand on Friday, May 25.

Dr Puketapu, general manager of the Lower Hutt Te Atiawa runanga, said the purpose of the trip was to open doors and form relationships with native Hawaiians which would benefit Maori long-term.

"We are particularly keen to examine opportunities for education and further business relationships.

"We are endeavouring to build a relationship that will provide many education, business and personal strengths with a close international neighbour but also with a significant Polynesian relationship," Dr Puketapu said.

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