How to use a student loan to make a profit

01:06, Jun 13 2012

Many students rely on loans to pay the bills, but some have found creative ways to use their loans to make a profit.

Chris, now an economist, profited from loopholes in the student loan scheme while studying at Victoria University, starting in 2000.

He took out a $40,000 loan for his conjoint degree, using only $15,000 to pay course costs for five years' study.

He invested the remaining $25,000 of weekly payments in the sharemarket, where it grew to $65,000 - a profit of $40,000.

"I travelled to Europe twice on the profit, and bought a car," Chris told The Dominion Post.

He paid the loan back immediately after graduating at the end of 2004.

Since 1999, fee loans have been paid direct to education providers.

Since 2000, living costs have been paid weekly. The most a student can borrow weekly for living costs is $172.51 - unaffected by other income.

The largest lump-sum a student can now borrow is $1000 for "course-related costs".

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