Wellington bus and train fares to increase

19:33, Jun 27 2012

Wellington bus and train passengers will be hit in the pocket after a fresh round of fare hikes was signed off today.

More than half of the region's daily public transport users will be stung by the increases.

The changes, which were proposed in March, will come into effect in September.

Those living further away from the city centre, from zones three to 14, are facing a 50 cent increase to the adult cash fare in the annual fare increases.

Adult multi-trip tickets will all increase by three per cent this year, expect for zone one fares which remain unchanged.

About 105,000 public transport trips are made on an average week day and about 56 per cent - 59,000 - of those trips cover three or more zones.

The Greater Wellington regional council signed off the increases at a meeting today.

Councillor Peter Glensor said it was better to have small regular fare increases than large jumps every few years.

"The days of lurching into 10 or 15 per cent rises are truly over," he said.

"We don't do this happily but I believe it's the only realistic way to approach the cost of the best used public transport system in Australasia," he said.

Cr Paul Swain said people would "grumble" about the rises.

"Let's not kids ourselves, no-one likes fare increases."

Councillor Daran Ponter Paul Bruce and Nigel Wilson voted against the hikes.

Cr Wilson said he had always voted against fare increases.

"I'm not convinced that it's the best financial model."

Wellington's train system still had problems, though progress was being made, he said.

"If you're sitting there waiting for your train, you are doing it tough if the fares go up."

The previous fare hikes were in November last year.


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