Bryan Guy: Our lives have been altered forever

Immediately following the verdict, Scott Guy's father Bryan Guy read from a statement outside court.

Mr Guy looked emotional, but was composed and spoke clearly as he read the statement. He was flanked by his wife Jo, his son Callum, and daughters Nikki and Anna, wife of Ewen Macdonald.

As the verdict was read Anna Mcadonald wept and clung to her father.

Bryan Guy's full statement

We have been overwhelmed and touched by the love and caring of New Zealanders. The support and prayers of  friends and strangers alike in our local community and throughout the country have given us strength and courage.

We are forever grateful to everyone for their kindness to us and their family.

The acquittal today leaves our family with mixed emotions. While we are relieved the trial is over we are obviously left wondering who is responsible for the death of our son. This verdict today will not bring Scott back. This verdict will not restore a father to his children. It will not restore a husband to his wife. It will not restore a son and brother to his family.

Our lives have been altered forever. The pain of our broken hearts is at times almost too much to bear. However, through this tragedy we have learnt a lot. Mostly about ourselves - what we stand for, what our values are, what is important to us.

We have learnt how important a father is to his children. We know that a father can never be replaced, but with strong family and commuity values and support, there is hope for the future.

We are thankful for how Scott touched our lives and we are richer for him being part of it. We must focus on what we have, not what we have lost. We are determined to love and support our children and grandchildren in their future.

Our family is grateful for the generosity of so many people. It reminds us that the world is full of good people, who really do care. Thank you all for that reminder and thank you all for your love and support.

During these past weeks and months our lives have been an open book to the nation. We now wish to close this chapter and take time to pause and reflect away from that publicity and begin to rebuild our lives.

The Dominion Post