What Macdonald told his parents

21:42, Jul 15 2012
Ewen Macdonald
EWEN MACDONALD: Looked his mother in the eye and told her he didn't do it.

The parents of Ewen Macdonald asked their son to his face whether he had killed Scott Guy, his brother-in-law.

Macdonald’s parents, Kerry and Marlene, told North & South about how they dealt with their son being charged over the murder of Guy.

Marlene said: "‘Look me in the eye and tell me, did you do it?.’’ 

‘‘And he said, ‘No, Mum, I didn’t.’"

Macdonald was this month found not guilty of murdering Guy in 2010.

The article also revealed how Anna Macdonald broke up with Macdonald during a 25-minute jail visit in January.

Kerry Macdonald said he and his wife visited their son Ewen in Manawatu Prison several times, but the hardest was after the marriage was over.

"I told Anna, ’Visiting’s for an hour; you go in first and then we’ll go in afterwards and pick up the pieces’," Kerry Macdonald said.

The article also revealed how Ewen’s brother, Blair, a Wellington-based police detective, called Greg King soon after the murder charge was laid to set him up as the defence lawyer.

Marlene Macdonald recalled King’s support shortly before her son’s first appearance in Palmerston North District Court: ‘‘Your boy hasn’t done this and we’ll get your boy home.’’

Ewen Macdonald was charged with the murder in April last year, nine months after Guy was shot dead.

His 21-day trial ended on July 3 with the not guilty verdict. He is due to appear again on July 31 at Palmerston North District Court to deal with other charges.

He remains in prison awaiting sentence on the arson, theft and vandalism charges he previously admitted.


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