TelstraClear phone and internet outage in Tawa

Close to 400 TelstraClear business customers were without phone and internet services in Tawa for five hours yesterday afternoon.

TelstraClear media relations manager Gary Bowering said network operations were alerted to the outage at about 1.20pm.

Technicians were able to make temporary repairs, and services were restored at 6.20pm.

The outage was caused by damage to a fibre optic cable, which most likely occurred during civil works.

''The cables run in the road, and when contractors go and dig them up for maintenance work, they either don't look at the diagrams for where the cable are laid, or those diagrams are not entirely accurate,'' said Mr Bowering.

Mr Bowering appealed, ''on behalf of all telcos'', to contractors tasked with civil works to take care not to damage telecommunications cables.

''The impact on our customers is a prime concern, and repairing fibre optic damage is quite technical and very time-consuming.''

Technicians will be back on site tomorrow morning to investigate the exact cause of the fault, and ensure permanent repair.

The Dominion Post