Wilson tastes freedom beyond wire

17:00, Aug 30 2012
Stewart Wilson
FRESH AIR: Stewart Wilson returns to the confines of his self-care unit after a brief outing to other parts of Wanganui Prison grounds yesterday. Later a source confirmed Wilson was “a bit weary” after his release.

Stewart Murray Wilson has ventured beyond the large wire perimeter fence of his home for the first time since his release.

He spent his first night alone in self-care unit No 5 in the grounds of Wanganui Prison after he was freed before dawn on Wednesday.

Yesterday morning he was seen joking with Corrections staff in his backyard.

The 65-year-old showed he still had some life in his limbs as he jogged on the spot to stay warm.

In the afternoon he left home wearing a beanie, sunglasses and long black trousers.

He was accompanied by a man and a woman and driven a short distance on prison grounds.


Later a source confirmed Wilson was “a bit weary” after his release and was slowly coming to terms with his freedom.

He described the reviled sex offender's humour as “dry-witted”.

Boxes of Wilson's belongings were also delivered from Rolleston Prison during the day, the source confirmed.

Wilson is scheduled to live in the self-care unit for about a month until his new two-bedroom home is moved to a section nearby.

The former state house was relocated from Auckland and had been kept at Brittons House Movers in Bulls.

However, a staff member at the company said yesterday that it had been moved to a secret location because of fears it would be targeted by vigilantes.

Wilson was jailed for 21 years in 1996 after being convicted on 22 sex charges against women and children between 1971 and 1994.

His parole conditions are some of the strictest ever imposed.

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