Stables guilty of one charge

04:31, Sep 03 2012

Former radio shock jock Iain Stables has been found not guilty of punching a member of his ex-girlfriend's family and spitting in the face of her mother.

A Wellington District Court jury found him guilty of one charge of hitting her brother Martin O'Hagan.

Iain Phillip Stables, 40, of Taupo, had pleaded not guilty to assaulting Martin O'Hagan, Robert O'Hagan and Marianne O'Hagan and threatening to kill Martin O'Hagan on March 20, 2011.

The Crown alleged he had became enraged after being evicted from the flat he was living with Kimberley O'Hagan. During an argument with her family, Stables was said to have punched her brother, father and mother and spat in Mrs O'Hagan's face.

The fourth charge of threatening to kill Martin O'Hagan may yet go to another hearing as the jury was unable to agree on a verdict.

Stables had told the jury he was angry and frustrated the night his ex-girlfriend's parents evicted him and admitted he had hit Martin O'Hagan after being pushed.


He however denied ever assaulting Kimberley O'Hagan's parents during the out-of-control incident in Seatoun last year. He said he felt surrounded by them and agreed that some of his behaviour was unacceptable.

Stables was in the news last year after a Jetstar employee was arrested and charged with assaulting him. The man was later acquitted.

He has also been open about his bipolar condition.

Stables who is not currently working is to be sentenced on the one charge of assault in December.

The Dominion Post