Hidden toilet camera filmed women

03:18, Sep 07 2012

A Wellington man hid a digital camera in a bathroom at his home and secretly filmed women.

The 52-year-old warned his victims not to touch the electrical wall socket where the device was hidden because it had blown and was dangerous.

The man's plot was uncovered in January 2011 when one of his victims discovered a void beyond a vent in an oven which had external hard drives, digital memory cards, and 40 DVDs of 17 women - some labelled by their first name.

The man appeared in Wellington District Court this afternoon after pleading guilty to making and possessing intimate recordings.

Judge Peter Hobbs sentenced the man to six months home detention, 200 hours community work and ordered him to pay $30,000 reparation divided evenly among three of his victims.

Judge Hobbs said the man's offending was planned and premeditated and "a gross breach of trust and intrusion into the privacy of victims".


At an earlier hearing lawyer Letizea Ord said the man had been diagnosed with paraphilia - a sexual love of things like non consent, which included watching people without them knowing.

He had resigned from his job of 31 years and sought help since his offending was uncovered.

Judge Hobbs suppressed all details, which identified the victims. He reserved his decision about name suppression of the offender until later today. Outside court one of his victims declined to comment.

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