Kylee Guy's interview may have cost up to $60,000

TALE OF HEARTACHE: Woman's Day has an interview with Kylee Guy this week.
TALE OF HEARTACHE: Woman's Day has an interview with Kylee Guy this week.

Scott Guy's widow may have banked as much as $60,000 from a tell-all interview with a women's magazine.

Kylee Guy told Woman's Day she had never been the same since her husband was shot dead outside their rural Feilding home in July 2010.

"The sad thing is, I'm not the bubbly, happy Kylee I used to be. I used to be the friend that girlfriends came to for advice. But now most people are too scared to burden me."

The interview and family photos cover eight pages of the magazine.

An industry source said last night that an exclusive interview deal such as Mrs Guy's would attract between $35,000 and $60,000.

"I heard that $60,000 was out there about two or three weeks ago," she said. "Magazines have a [weekly] budget for stories, and for a story like that, they'll probably put two or three months' budget into it . . . obviously, it's going to sell really well."

Mrs Guy, 29, who wears her husband's wedding band on a necklace, said it had been heartbreaking watching her 4-year-old son Hunter go through the "extreme anxiety" of losing his father.

"It's been heartbreaking watching him suffer. For a long time, he kept asking where Daddy was - ‘I want my daddy' - and thinking that I was going to disappear, too."

Mr Guy's brother-in-law, Ewen Macdonald, was charged with the murder last April but acquitted by a jury after a month-long trial in the High Court at Wellington earlier this year.

On Friday, he was sentenced to five years' jail for six other crimes that surfaced as a result of the homicide investigation, including the arson of an old farmhouse on Mr Guy's property and the vandalism of his new home with an axe.

Mrs Guy has set up a team of private investigators, with the help of the Sensible Sentencing Trust, to uncover any new evidence or information.

Meanwhile, Scott Guy's sister Anna, who was married to Macdonald at the time of the murder, told the New Zealand Herald she felt "like a fool" and totally betrayed by her husband.

"I think that's why it was really devastating at the time because I found out so much more about him that I didn't know. It took me most of last year to get my head around it.

"He had been through so much with us as a family - then it was like he was a traitor, sort of."

Ms Guy, who has dropped her married name, said she was worried she might go insane if she thought about her husband's actions too much.

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