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18:45, Sep 24 2012
Anne Wedekind
WOW FOLLOWER: Anne Wedekind has been going to the WOW Awards Show since 2005. Above right: Her all-time favourite is La Belle Epoche, entered in the 2006 Avant Garde Section by Chloe McGlashen of Nelson. The white 1920s shift-style dress is made of cotton buds stitched into a zigzag pattern.

It's the highlight of the year for Anne Wedekind - so much so that one visit to the World of WearableArt is never enough.

Mrs Wedekind, 87, of Seatoun, has been going twice every year since 2005: once to see the creations up close, and once from afar.

"The first night is up top and you see everything from the top, all the spectacular bits there, and the other one is always a close-up view, which is entirely different," she said yesterday after getting home from her regular Les Mills gym class.

"You see they are not glamorous costumes, they're made from everything going. It's unbelievable."

During the encore viewing, she also discovers new garments she had not noticed the first time. "It's too much to take in, if you are a bit slow or anything, or you've turned your head the wrong way."

The opening night this year will be on Thursday, with awards night to follow on Friday.


"I'm never disappointed," Mrs Wedekind said. "Each time it really has been better. It's a more professional show now. And it's bigger, a hell of a lot bigger."

Attending so often is not without its challenges, however: "You've got to have quite a bit of stamina to get through it all."

Her favourite garment is a white 1920s shift-style dress which, she discovered during her close-up viewing, was made entirely of cotton buds stitched into a zigzag pattern. "I couldn't believe it, it was really astonishing."

This weekend her daughter Cherry is travelling from Christchurch to attend the show with her.

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