Cyclists call for safer streets

Cycle safety in the capital is tracking well behind uptake and speed limits need to be immediately lowered, a cycle safety group says.

The call comes after a cyclist was injured in a crash yesterday morning at the bottom of Ngaio Gorge.

Cycling Advocate Network spokesman Patrick Morgan said the number of people cycling in Wellington had doubled since 2006.

But despite some positive work by the Wellington City Council regarding cyclist safety, a lot more needed to be done.

Mr Morgan praised moves to lower the speed limit in the CDB, but said the same should be done in residential areas.

Instead of a "crazy" 50kmh limit, residential streets should drop to 30kmh, he said.

There also needed to be protected cycle lanes on major arterial routes, rather than lanes that were shared with buses.

"If we really want to get more people biking, forcing them to share with a bus is not going to work."

Any investment would be offset by the health benefits and the money saved in petrol being spent in the local economy, he said. 

The Dominion Post