Chaotic day on Wellington roads

06:09, Nov 03 2012

Wet weather has played havoc with city traffic today, with at least 10 crashes on the region's motorways.

Two crashes in quick succession brought the motorway out of Wellington to a crawl, about 4pm, when two cars came together on the northbound motorway, just before the on-ramp for Ngauranga turn-off.

Inspector Marty Parker, of central communications, said two more cars then collided as they slowed behind the first crash.

"Northbound, two cars [collided] just north of the Aotea on-ramp.

"One [of the cars] has been spun around and it's facing the wrong way."

He said the second crash was a nose-to-tail and occurred in the queue behind the first crash.


No injuries were reported, though a lane was closed and there were delays.

About 5.30pm there was a 3-car crash on the motorway just north of Petone.

A witness said a car heading into Wellington from Lower Hutt came together with a car coming down the Petone on ramp.

Mr Parker said there were about 10 crashes throughout the region.

He reminded motorists to drive to the conditions.

"There's been a few around the place. It's weather related.

"If everyone drove to the conditions it wouldn't happen."

The Dominion Post