False claim wastes hours of police time

19:54, Nov 14 2012

A Waikanae teen will be charged after several police, including a dog handler, spent hours investigating a false claim she was mugged.

Sergeant Greg Weston from Taupo Police said between seven and three police, including a dog handler, were tied up from 10.30pm last night to 2am today following up on the false claim.

He said the 18-year-old from Waikanae Beach called police to say she had been mugged on Spa Rd.

She claimed to have been pushed to the ground by two men, who took her wallet from her pocket, stole cards, then ran off.

A police dog tracked the men to a Taupo house but they told police no such crime had happened and they had been willingly picked up by the young woman in a car.

Closed-circuit security footage from the town centre confirmed this.


Faced with this the young woman admitted to lying.

''We had other jobs we could be attending and it was a big waste of time.''

It meant a solo officer had to attend a wilful damage job and police were delayed in attending a theft from a car.

She would be charged with making a false statement to police.

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