Mortar found at Wellington home

23:28, Nov 18 2012

A  Khandallah tenant got more than he bargained for when a bit of spring cleaning became an afternoon with the bomb squad yesterday.

The drama began as Barry Laidler was cleaning out the garage of his rented  property.

"There was a paper bag I couldn't quite reach, so I poked it with a stick, it fell apart and I said: 'Wow, that looks like a bomb'."

Senior Sergeant Vaughan Mead said police received a call about the five-kilogram projectile just after 5pm.

''It looks like it's been handed down through the family.''

A member of the Defence Force bomb disposal unit sent to assess the bomb said it was not dangerous.

"Not in the condition it's in. It has no explosive content in it."

It was identified as an aircraft practice bomb from World War II, which he said were fairly commonplace.

"We find a few in just the Wellington region."

"We get them quite a lot in old airport spaces."

A stamp on the inside of the bomb dated it to 1942, but such practice bombs were used up until the early 1970s.

But the family, he said, "did the right thing" in alerting police.

"It made for a very interesting Sunday afternoon in sleepy Khandallah," Mr Laidler said. The mortar round was found to be safe.


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