Shire imaginary sister city signed

00:01, Nov 27 2012

With excitement around the imminent Hobbit premiere reaching new heights, even Wellington's Japanese sister city wants in on the action.

Sister city Sakai has signed a declaration of an imaginary sister city relationship between itself and ''the Shire''. The declaration states Sakai City's intention to establish friendly ties with the ''Shire of middle-earth''.

A panel exhibition of the movie will be on display in Sakai City next month and there are other promotional events organised for next year.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said the imaginary relationship was an inventive response to Wellington renaming itself as the Middle of Middle-Earth.

''Being our sister city this has the potential for the two cities to work together on Shire-themed projects in the future."

Sir Peter Jackson has reportedly written to Sakai saying that it was an exciting opportunity for the Shire to tie in with Sakai, a city of rich history.


The Dominion Post