Community service for airpistol attack

A Newtown man has been given community work for accidently shooting a woman in the eye with an airpistol.

The woman initially lost vision in her eye, but has since recovered some sight.

Ahmed Abdulahi Ali, 17, had pleaded guilty to carelessly causing bodily injury to a woman using an airgun. He also pleaded guilty to two unrelated charges of burglary.

Ali had been playing with the airpistol in the backyard of a Lyall Bay property on September 29. The victim came outside and the pistol went off hitting her in the eye.

She was knocked unconscious briefly.

Wellington District Court judge Bruce Davidson sentenced him to 160 hours community work on all charges.

He said the woman had significant loss of vision in her eye.

The judge said while Ali was on bail for the injuring charge he committed two burglaries.

His lawyer Megan Paish said his family and the complainant supported him.

Judge Davidson made an order for destruction of the airpistol.

The Dominion Post