Aim murder motive remains mystery

22:27, Nov 28 2012
MURDERED: Scottish tourist Karen Aim was bashed to death by Jache Broughton in January 2008.
MURDERED: Scottish tourist Karen Aim was bashed to death by Jahche Broughton in January 2008.

The family of murdered Scottish tourist Karen Aim are no closer to finding out why a 14-year-old beat their daughter to death in a ''chilling'' attack.

Coroner Wallace Bain has released findings of an inquest into the murder, for which Jahche Broughton has already been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Aim was bashed with a baseball bat 40 metres from her Taupo flat in January 2008.

Last year, Aim's father Brian Aim told the inquest: ''I would still like to know why he did it but I don't think I ever will.''

He did though agree with Dr Bain's judgement that a lack of adult supervision had contributed.

In his finding, Dr Bain found that Aim, 27, died from head injuries on January 17, 2008 ''as a result of being violently struck about the head''.


The attack happened as Aim was walking home early in the morning after being out at Taupo nightclubs and bars.

Dr Bain highlighted an incident two weeks earlier, when Broughton - drinking vodka and unsupervised by the grandparents and uncle he lived with - had hit a young woman repeatedly over the head with a rock.

''It certainly raised the issue head-on as what a 14-year-old boy is doing out on the streets of Taupo in the small hours of the morning with alcohol and pre-disposed it seems to such violent behaviour,'' Dr Bain said.

It raised the question of whether those who should have been responsible for Broughton should be charged, he said.

''As I said, the facts are chilling. I'm not convinced that anything positive can be recommended but the Court will recommend that the findings be sent to the appropriate ministries as a classic example of what can happen when young people are not supervised.''

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