Couple to marry at 12:12 on 12/12/12

20:42, Dec 11 2012
Carol Alsdorf and Darcy Reid will wed at 12 minutes past 12 on 12/12/12
IT'S A DATE: Carol Alsdorf and Darcy Reid will wed at 12 minutes past 12 on 12/12/12.

The key to a unforgettable wedding: an unforgettable date.

Hastings couple Carol Alsdorf and Darcy Reid are one of many couples around the world getting hitched on 12/12/12, and in keeping with the trend, their ceremony will begin at 12.12pm.

"It's quite a significant day, because you'll never see this type of pattern ever again in my lifetime," said Ms Alsdorf. "You always hear men forget their anniversary - well, in this case it's not going to be that difficult."

After the business partners got engaged in Tahiti in May, they knew they wanted to avoid the potential bad luck of a 2013 wedding date, but thought 2014 was too long a wait.

And then, one of Ms Alsdorf's bridesmaids suggested the couple, who have two young daughters, marry on December 12, 2012.

The date also gave the couple a great wedding theme - the number 12 was on the reception decorations, the wedding party has a dozen members, and they will be cutting 12 wedding cakes.

The bride will arrive at the Craggy Range Estate at 12.12pm and the celebrations will run for 12 hours until the reception at Mangapapa Hotel ends at midnight.


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