Bus shelter makeover gets more additions

03:31, Dec 17 2012
Maureen O’Neill and Dermot Burke
GOOD LOOK: Maureen O’Neill and Dermot Burke, of Brooklyn, check out the amenities in the Ohiro Rd bus stop.


The bus shelter decorators have struck again, this time with Christmas tinsel and lemons.

A Brooklyn bus shelter was mysteriously transformed into impromptu lounge room over the weekend, complete with two tattered couches, a small library and a hot water bottle.

By early this morning someone had added Christmas tinsel, a clock, a picture, an ice cream container full of lemons and a life sized plastic dog.

By 3pm  the dog had disappeared – along with all but two of the lemons – with the addition of a small vase of rosemary and mint.

Peter Jones, who lives across the road from the shelter, and his partner Juliette Lum have claimed responsibility for the clock and some fresh magazines but deny being the originators.


Ms Lum said she thought it would be fun to contribute to the growing scene. She had seen a father and son adding the Christmas tinsel as well.

‘‘It has become a bit of a public art installation.’’

No one has come forward to claim responsibility for the original contribution.

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said council was no closer to uncovering who was responsible.

The lounges had been installed after council had removed the old benches in the shelter as part of a renovation, he said.

There had been no complaints yet but, contrary to a more generous view expressed yesterday, he said it was likely the scene would eventually be removed.

‘‘We'll probably lug it off to the landfill in the next few days after the novelty factor has worn off.’’


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