Girl discharged after serious pit bull attack

A 2-year-old child who suffered serious injuries in an attack by a pit bull terrier has been discharged from Rotorua Hospital.

The child, understood to be a girl, was admitted to hospital on Saturday with face and chest injuries and discharged the following day, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The child was at a neighbour's house on Saturday when the attack occurred.

Rotorua District Council dog control officer Kevin Coutts said the dog had been captured and was in the pound awaiting its fate.

The dog, one of two family pet pit bulls on the Ruth St property, was registered but classified as menacing, he said.

Mr Coutts said the dog owner would either be charged by police or handed back to the council to deal with. The penalty can include a prison term and substantial fine. The owner, or a judge, must agree to have the dog destroyed, he said.

Police are yet to decide whether to lay charges against the dog owner.

The Dominion Post