Children queue up for Santa sessions

22:35, Dec 19 2012
Ellie MacAvoy, 4, with Santa
ACCESS FEARS: Ellie MacAvoy, 4, who is keen on Dora the Explorer presents, tells Santa she will leave a window open for him because her house does not have a chimney.

From world peace to Hobbit-themed Lego - kids these days don't ask for much.

Children queued for more than an hour yesterday at Kirkcaldie & Stains in Wellington to tell Santa Claus what was on their wish lists.

Bratz dolls, toy helicopters and rollerblades were popular among the youngsters.

Some wanted a Wii U, the successor to the original Wii gaming console, or a Furby, a robotic soft-toy popular a decade ago that has recently been re-released.

Santa Claus said children always asked for more Lego, dolls houses and Barbies.

But this year he had noticed an increase in requests for electronic items such as iPods, iPads, PlayStations and digital cameras.


He also had some requests for world peace.

Ellie MacAvoy, 4, asked Santa Claus for "lots of Dora things".

She was concerned that her family home did not have a chimney, so told Santa Claus she would leave a window open for him.

In return for her Dora the Explorer presents, Santa Claus asked her to leave him a Christmas mince pie as his job was hungry work.

The jolly old man had attracted hundreds of children and their parents since he arrived on November 24, promotions manager Lyn Tait said.

"Once the kids finished school, we saw the queues really build up."


Santa Claus is at Kirkcaldie & Stains every day from 10am to 5pm until Christmas Eve.

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