Meth dealer jailed for six years

One of the heads of a Wellington methamphetamine distribution and supply ring has been jailed for six years.

Robert Jason Taui, 39, unemployed of Porirua was described by Wellington District Court judge Bruce Davidson as a career criminal with a pivotal role in a complex web of suppliers and distributors.

Taui had pleaded guilty to eight charges of conspiring to supply, supplying and offering to supply the drug.

''You were not the Lone Ranger in this,'' the judge said, adding Taui was part of the ongoing organised commercial supply of methamphetamine.

Taui himself supplied 16 grams and offered to supply 27 grams worth between $30,000 and $50,000.

Police intercepted communications during a two-week period in March and April and arrested more than 20 people.

Judge Davidson said of interest to him was that Taui had managed to beat his addiction to softer drugs, like cannabis, but struggled with methamphetamine, using it daily.

His lawyer Mike Antunovic said much of the drug was for Taui's own use, he was taking up to a gram a day.

''He was under the influence of it every day.'' he said.

Judge Davidson said Taui had been on parole at the time for similar offending, which he had convictions for in 2005 and 2009, and had been recalled to prison to serve the rest of his sentence along with whatever he now received.

He also ordered that Taui serve a minimum non-parole period of three years.

The Dominion Post