Martinborough crash leaves two injured

02:27, Dec 21 2012

A two-car crash outside a vineyard cafe in Martinborough was witnessed by a lunch party.

Natalie Love said she had just sat a large group down for dinner at The Vineyard Cafe at the Margrain Vineyard in Martinborough when there was a large crash outside involving two vehicles near the corner of Princess Street and Nelsons Road. 

She said three elderly people were involved in the crash. 

"There was a couple in one car and an elderly lady driving a small car.

The air bags went off in the station wagon with the couple in it.

The gentleman who was driving managed to get out. 


"He stumbled round for a while and fell to the ground. He just collapsed on the road. It was an absolutely awful scene. Many of our customers knew the couple and the man involved," Ms Love said.

"They all rushed outside to see if they could assist," she said.

She said the two women involved in the crash, including the female driver of the small car, appeared dazed but were coherent while waiting for emergency services to arrive. 

A Wellington Free Ambulance spokesman said "three people with moderate injuries were taken to Masterton Hospital".

The Dominion Post