Festive spirit strikes parking wardens

Parking wardens caught the festive spirit and issued no parking fines on Christmas or Boxing days in Wellington.

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said while five warnings were issued – one on Christmas Day and four on boxing Day – no fines were handed out.

Just one warden was working on Christmas Day.

‘‘Yesterday we had more wardens on but of course there was free parking in the CBD and, of course, there's leniency in the spirit of the festive season.

‘‘And the majority of motorists seemed to show the same festive spirit - in that they were parking considerately, given the sales madness in the CBD.

‘‘There were a few plonkers out there - hence the warnings - but generally all was calm and all was bright.’’

The Christmas Day warning was issued after a driver parked across a right-of-way but the warden went door-knocking to find the driver and the vehicle was not towed.

The four Boxing Day warnings were for inconsiderate or dangerous parking.

‘‘One was for a motorist who parked on an intersection in Mt Victoria.

"Initially we were going to write him a $60 ticket but once the warden spoke to him and figured he was here on holiday from overseas he used his discretion and issued the warning.’’

The Dominion Post