Rhythm and Vines sound truck crashes

22:39, Dec 27 2012

A truck driver has walked away uninjured after his rig rolled down a steep cliff on State Highway 2, between Opotiki and Gisborne this morning.

Police Northern Communications Inspector Cornell Kluessin said the accident happened atround 8.30am in the Waioeka Gorge.

The 16-wheeler truck was carrying audio and sound equipment for the Rhythm and Vines music festival in Gisborne when it plunged over the 100m-high cliff.

Currently traffic on the road is not disrupted however there could be delays later this afternoon when a crane is due to arrive to lift the truck back to the road, Mr Kluessin said.

Rhythm and Vines music festival organisers are unsure if the truck crash will alter plans for the festival.

Spokeswoman Sara Cairney (CRT) said audio equipment was packed in the truck which rolled over a cliff in the Waioeka Gorge, about 33 kilometres east of Opotiki.


Ms Cairney said it was not known at this stage what damage had been caused to the equipment which was destined for one of the stages at the festival.

"We're waiting to assess what damage has been caused, if any.

"Audio gear, such as speakers are very sensitive, but it was packed tightly and if it has not spilled out of the truck it could have sustained no damage.

"In the worst case scenario we are not a one stage festival and we can shift acts to another stage, or use equipment already on site," she said.

Gates opened to on-site camping for festival goers today with the main acts set to kick off at 5pm tomorrow.

The Dominion Post