Downed trees leave 500 without power

05:01, Jan 03 2013

More than 500 Wairarapa homes have been left without power, after trees toppled onto overhead lines in strong winds.

"Currently there are around 550 customers without power spread around the Wairarapa including rural areas outside of Greytown, Pirinoa and Featherston," Powerco Network Operations Manager Phil Marsh said.

Powerco expects to complete repairs around 9.30pm this evening.

Mr Marsh said trees were responsible for a significant proportion of unplanned power outages and the majority of these problems could be avoided if tree owners called in the professionals to clear their trees from lines before they caused a problem.

"Powerco is committed to providing a high quality of supply to our customers and if tree owners would play their part by having a Powerco approved contractor cut away any branches growing too close to lines it would make a huge difference to the people of Wairarapa."

"Power cuts like this one could have easily been avoided if tree owners would simply take their responsibility seriously.

"These incidents not only disrupt people’s supply of electricity but they also pose a safety hazard so Powerco is urging people who have trees growing near lines to visit our website for the contact details of the local approved tree experts who can sort the problem."


The Dominion Post