Wellington could face hosing ban

The Wellington region could face hosing bans after a dry December on the back of one of our main reservoirs being out of action.

Greater Wellington regional council water supply general manager Chris Laidlow said while water outages were not on the cards, tighter restrictions imposed by individual city councils could play out as we head through summer.

The most likely form of these would be restrictions on hose use for gardening and car washing, he said.

With December's rain fall down to 82 per cent of the December average, and one of Te Marua storage lakes empty for earthquake-strengthening and enlarging, it was possible the council may have to take water from the Hutt River.

Council Social and Cultural Wellbeing Committee chair Nigel Wilson said we were heading into what was typically the hottest, driest time of the year - a time which usually coincided with high water use.

''The good news - people can easily make changes to water use habits. Target garden watering to only water your plants' roots and only do full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher.

Simple actions like these make a big difference and can help us avoid tough water restrictions.''

The Dominion Post