Fire at popular Wellington cafe

17:34, Jan 31 2013

Popular Wellington café The Hangar was out of action this afternoon after a fire started in the coffee roasting machine.

The fire was sparked around 2.30pm, when coffee husks at the bottom of the machine at Flight Coffee's Willis St site caught alight in the roasting process, roaster Richard Corney said.

The café was evacuated and Mr Corney put out the fire himself using an extinguisher, before calling the Fire Service as a precaution.

Four appliances attended, to ensure the fire was extinguished and to ventilate the building.''When coffee houses catch on fire they make a lot of smoke,'' Mr Corney said.

''We had already stopped and emptied the husks today. From now on it will need to be twice a day.''

Though there were no injuries or damage, the coffee shop will be out of action for the rest of the afternoon, Mr Corney said.

He said such fires were not too usual in the coffee roasting process, and believed the Mojo Coffee fire on the waterfront last year was caused by a similar incident, though had only experienced one himself in his four-and-a-half years as a roaster.

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