They're original - and just a little bit sinful

17:30, Jan 31 2013
Mike Blackmore and Rosie Hixon
HARD CORE: Mike Blackmore and Rosie Hixon are two of a group of close to 90 people going to the sevens as Adam and Eve.

Take 89 young and fit sevens fans, 7000 fabric leaves, 18 bottles of fake tan, and two 15-metre snakes and you've got yourself a party.

They may have settled on the costume idea only a fortnight ago, but the massive group of Adams and Eves are sure to make an impact when they hit Westpac Stadium for the Hertz Wellington Sevens today.

Led by a core of sevens veterans, the group have been working tirelessly since last Wednesday to sew their costumes. They don't cover much, but they still took hundreds of hours to complete.

Each participant chipped in $100 for their kit, which includes jandals, leaves, sunglasses, fake apples and fake tan - 18 commercial bottles of it, costing $875.

Organiser Brendon Syder, 27, has been dressing up for the past six years, with sperm, Smurfs, and troll dolls all in his portfolio.

But this year is the first time women have been thrown into the mix. "It's always good to have a few females around. It'll be a little bit more tame, I guess - actually no it won't, that's a lie."


Fellow group member Rosie Hixon said some of the women tried at first to make the costumes a bit more "prudish", but they soon embraced the sevens spirit.

For Mike Blackmore, the revealing costumes won't be too much of a problem. "When you're all out as a big group, you lose those worries pretty quickly. It's like being at a nudist beach - you just go ahead and put it all out there."

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