Gang moves pad from warehouse

17:44, Feb 07 2013

The Head Hunters motorcycle gang appears to have moved out of a Hutt Valley warehouse that was being run as a cage fighting club.

Signs advertising the Capital Cage Club and all the equipment - including motorcycles and gym gear - had been removed from the building in Goodshed Rd, Upper Hutt, police said.

Hutt Valley area commander Inspector Michael Hill said police received calls from the public who watched as people moved the equipment out last Thursday.

"If the cage club is folding and not going to continue, I'm pretty happy with that," he said.

Members of the community "didn't need to be moving into cage fighting with people connected to an organised criminal group". It was not known where the group had moved. "The presence of Head Hunters gang members in Upper Hutt is still a concern," Mr Hill said.

Members of the gang moved into the leased warehouse about September last year. One of the men living at the building was patched member Nathan Hemana. He previously denied the building was a gang pad, saying it was a training facility for troubled youth.


The gym was run by the Capital Transitions Charitable Trust Board.

Its two trustees are Mr Hemana and Philip McFarland, another Head Hunters member. Mr Hemana ran his debt collecting business, Capital Collectors, from the building.

Less than a fortnight ago police raised concerns about the Head Hunters' growing presence in Upper Hutt. Two of the building's three owners, John Pashby and Douglas Sandom, declined to comment.

Mr Hemana could not be reached for comment.

The Dominion Post