Wrong advice traps tourist on cliff

02:30, Feb 10 2013

A Wellington man has been rescued by helicopter after incorrect information led to him getting stuck on a cliff face.

The Wellington man, in his 20s, called emergency services after climbing on to a ledge, trying to climb to the Pinnacles lookout on Wairarapa's south coast, near Cape Palliser.

The man was able to talk the helicopter team into his exact location. He was located on a remote ledge, well away from the tourist trail.

A paramedic from the Life Flight rescue chopper was lowered to the man and then the pair were winched back into the helicopter.

He was uninjured and was returned to his car in a nearby parking area.

"Apparently he was told that he could climb from the bottom of the Pinnacles all the way up to the lookout," crewman Dave Greenberg said.

"He made it quite a way up before being caught out by the sheer cliffs.  He is quite lucky that he had cell coverage because the area was well away from where trampers usually venture”.

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