Your week: sun, wind, rain, sun

After a stunning January and more cracking weekend weather, Wellingtonians seem to be assured of a summer to remember.

A high from the Tasman Sea cast its sunny spell over Wellington at the weekend, producing peak temperatures of 21 degrees Celsius on Saturday and 23C yesterday.

MetService forecaster Stephen Glassey said increasing northerlies, strong in exposed places, would hit Wellington today.

Gusts would be accompanied by cloud in the morning and evening, which would be broken up by sunny spells in the afternoon.

Tomorrow would take a turn for the worse as scattered rain developed on the back of strong winds. By Wednesday a few showers were expected but the winds would begin to die out, making way for a return to fine, calm weather on Thursday and Friday to close out the week.

Temperatures would hover around the low 20s throughout the week, Mr Glassey said.

Although the week's weather has been part of a weakening high Mr Glassey said it did not necessarily mean summer was winding down, with forecasters expecting another high, bringing another dose of fine, sunny weather next weekend.

The Dominion Post