Reece Mastin fan given front row seats after ticket botch

06:03, Feb 11 2013
NUMBER ONE FAN: Reuben Fitzpatrick was disappointed to find his front-row ticket had been changed to one near the back without an explanation.

A young Reece Mastin fan has been given front row seats after a Ticketek botch up saw him shifted from his upper gallery spot to the back of the Michael Fowler Centre.

Ticketek managing director Brendon Bainbridge said it was not uncommon for them to have to reallocate seats once a show's technical set up was finalised.

"Sometimes those changes impact on ticketholders' sight lines and so we move them to another seat. In this case we are happy to confirm that we have moved people to the best possible seats available in the theatre and Reuben Fitzpatrick will be front row."

POP IDOL: Australian X-factor winner Reece Mastin.

Reuben's mother Kathryn Fitzpatrick said she had waited specifically to buy the gallery seats so that Reuben would be able to see.

"It's a fair compromise, but it's not what we wanted or we would have bought those in the first place as those were the first ones on sale. I purchased tickets like a military operation to get the ones we wanted.

"It was disappointing that they hadn't been able to get the gallery seats they had purchased,'' Mrs Fitzpatrick said.

"It's not our first choice, but it's better than nothing."



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