Mayor wants driver to pay for bike repairs

21:53, Feb 15 2013
celia std
THE CYCLING MAYOR: Celia Wade-Brown was knocked off her bike by a motorist.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown wants a driver who knocked her off her bicycle to pay for repairs for her bike and replacement helmet.

Allan Tabilog, 38, listed as a computing professional from Churton Park, yesterday pleaded guilty to careless use of a motor vehicle, injuring the mayor on October 27 last year.

He wants to be discharged without conviction.

Tabilog was driving his car south in Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, about 2.30pm as the mayor on her bicycle travelled just in front of him in the far left of the lane.

The police summary of facts said she was wearing a safety helmet and a long- sleeved high-visibility yellow vest.

Tabilog sped up several times to go around her but, because the road was too narrow, was forced to slow down again behind her.


At the entrance to the Countdown supermarket car park, Tabilog checked for oncoming traffic then turned left, clipping the rear wheel of Ms Wade- Brown's bike.

She fell, landing heavily on the footpath. She narrowly avoided being run over by a taxi exiting the car park.

At hospital she was treated for bruising to a leg and a fracture to her left elbow.

Tabilog told police that he did not see her.

Wellington District Court judge Peter Hobbs remanded Tabilog at large until next month to allow his lawyer to apply for discharge without conviction.

Tabilog has no other previous convictions.

Ms Wade-Brown is asking for $305.24 reparation for repairs to her bike and having to replace her helmet, which was cracked.

Yesterday's case came after Wellington coroner Ian Smith - considering the death of top road safety policeman Steve Fitzgerald, who was knocked off his bike by a truck - recommended that all cyclists wear hi-vis clothing.

On social network Twitter yesterday, Ms Wade-Brown said: 'What next - compulsory high-vis jackets 4 people on foot (instead of Wellington charcoal) & cars all painted yellow? Safer solutions exist."

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