Molly and Max popular but no Lassies

18:44, Feb 17 2013
Dogs Chaise: Destroyer of Worlds, left and Chu Chu Burgers seem content with the names Troy Blackburn has given them.
WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY: Dogs Chaise: Destroyer of Worlds, left and Chu Chu Burgers seem content with the names Troy Blackburn has given them.

Charlie, Bella, Molly and Max are the most common dog names in Wellington. But there is just one Colin Ladykiller Price, Ding Dong, or - though this canine may feel as if it is one of many - Seven of Nine.

Wellington City Council is one of the Wellington region's councils that has released the unusual dog names on their registration books.

Charlie is Wellington's most popular dog's name, with 127 of them registered.

But Bella, Molly and Max each have 120-plus registrations, making them contenders for that coveted top spot.

Although there is no scientific basis for Wellington's most unusual dog name, Japanese spitz crosses Chaise: Destroyer of Worlds and Chu Chu Burgers would certainly be somewhere near the top of the list.

Troy Blackburn, who got the litter mates less than a year go, said Chaise's name was inspired by another dog, Steve: Destroyer of Souls.


"Chaise got Destroyer of Worlds, just looking for something funny, something stupid."

Chu Chu was originally going to be named Chewie - short for Star Wars character Chewbacca - but Mr Blackburn's wife Nivea is not a big Star Wars fan and vetoed it.

The burgers came from a habit the couple had of adding the word to the end of people's names.

"I can't remember how that got started but we seem to put it on the end of names," he said.

The pets' names were a trial run for eventually having children but Mr Blackburn said he would not be so far-out when naming his offspring.

"They are the ones that put you in a rest home."


Porirua City Council: Aubernee Bear Buhle Fur Lorele, Bam 600, Bruce The Bandit, D'Artagnon A'Ruff, I Love You, Kimi Ora, Kingston Knopert, Mayhem, Storm Duff, The Fonz

Upper Hutt City Council: Jigga , Dub Dub Dub, Shredder, Blacky-chan, Nitrous, Princess Bubble, Round Up, Boobee, Scraps, Jessy Jellybean

Palmerston North City Council: Aroha Love of Fatys Whanau, Cuddles, Dotcom, Fifi-Hollybrook Circus Girl, Fraggle, Lickity Split, Lubeyloo, Paua, The Stig, Zeus Andreoli Hutt City Council, Beefcake, Daffodil Strawberry, Glorious, Jilly Jean, Mad Dog, Naughty, Pig, Viscious Vogue, Machtig Von Furstenhaus, Twenty One

Wellington City Council: Ambrosius Fang, Ana (Battleaxe Tempestuous Storm), Escort Grizzly Bear, George Disco, Macbeth Scruff, Milo Marshmallow, Muppet, Quake, Robot, Zing a ling ding

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