Council offices' repair bill rises to $2.2m

23:58, Feb 21 2013

The repair bill for Hawke's Bay Regional Council's $7 million headquarters, opened less than seven years ago, has doubled to $2.2 million

The three-storey building, hailed by the council for its eco-friendly construction with natural shade, light and ventilation, was designed by Opus International and built by Herbert Construction in 2005. It was officially opened by prime minister Helen Clark in March 2006.

Within about 18 months, it was found to be leaking through joints in its cladding, sources say.

The council began court proceedings against Herbert Construction last year for the costs of fixing the building. Herbert Construction counter-sued, and the matters are still before the courts.

Yesterday, the council voted to award the remedial works contract to Mackersey Construction.

Council group manager of asset management Mike Adye said an initial rough estimate for the repair work was $1m. However, after thorough investigations, the figure had risen to $2.2m to ensure the building had an effective life of at least 50 years.

The repairs needed include recladding sections of the building, removal and reinstatement of some roof covering, perimeter guttering and some windows, sealing gaps in the fire walls, and replacing flashings around windows and at cladding joints.

The work is expected to begin next month and to take up to nine months.

The building will continue to be used during that time.


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