Council unapologetic as runners ticketed

00:08, Feb 22 2013

They were out for a fun run, but some Round the Bays competitors had an unwelcome surprise waiting for them after they crossed the finishing line.

Fourteen parking tickets were issued to cars at the starting point for the race at Frank Kitts Park on Sunday, and Wellington City Council is unapologetic.

Alastair Mansell, of Churton Park, said he saw parking wardens marking cars as people lined up for the 7km race to Kilbirnie.

"I watched them chalking cars as I headed to the start and saw them writing tickets in the same spot about two hours later," he wrote in a letter to The Dominion Post.

Yesterday, the council confirmed that 14 tickets were dished out in the area on Sunday, the majority for parking too long.

Parking is free in the CBD at weekends, but time restrictions still apply.

Six tickets were for over-parking for less than 30 minutes, three were for overstaying by more than 30 minutes, one was for an expired licence, and four were for safety reasons.

Council spokesman Clayton Anderson said the Parkwise officers were simply doing their job and the council did not target events.

"We don't do special blitzes during events like this."

The time limits were designed to allow people to use the shopping area, not for fun runs, he said.

"People have to remember, though, parking in the city is primarily for shoppers and for the benefit of retailers, not for people to park up for several hours while they run round the bays.

"We are aware that thousands of people bused or walked to the start of the run and were not concerned about the need to park as close as possible to the start line."


The Dominion Post