Police launch called for missing surfer

02:38, Feb 25 2013

The police launch Lady Elizabeth was scrambled to Island Bay today to find a missing surfer in Island Bay.

When the police launch arrived it discovered a single surfer simultaneously operating both a paddle board and a surf board off Taputeranga Island at Island Bay. 

Launchmaster Barry Hart said a very perceptive person on shore had recalled seeing a surfer on a surfboard at about 2pm near the island. 

At 2:10 pm the police informant noticed the surfer was no longer on the board. 

The police launch was dispatched from its Wellington berth to mount a search for the missing surfer. 

Soon after the launch arrived off Island bay Mr Hart said his crew noticed one man was simultaneously operating surf and paddle boards. 

"He (the surfer) was a little bit bemused to learn we were out looking for him. He knew what he was doing and had the situation perfectly under control. It was a good call by an observant member of the public.

"We don't mind being called out for something like that," Mr Hart said. 


The Dominion Post