Noisy drunks fear denies restaurant a liquor licence

04:31, Feb 28 2013

The prospect of noisy drunks singing their way into the night has put paid to a karaoke restaurant's bid for a liquor licence.

The Tiger Restaurant and KTV, in Holland St, central Wellington, is not licensed but wanted to be able to serve alcohol.

Residents in the apartment block above the restaurant, off Tory St, objected to the application because alcohol would increase the amount of noise.

The Alcohol and Regulatory Licensing Authority has rejected the application, with Judge John Hole saying karaoke bars frequently had noisy, drunken patrons, under-age drinking and loud and disorderly behaviour. Unless the Tiger Restaurant was carefully managed, it would be the same, he said.

Owner-operator Guodong Sun did not have enough experience to manage the premises properly and did not realise how difficult it could be, the judge said, in a decision issued last week.

Mr Sun did not get an audio engineer's report explaining how the noise could be managed.

"[He] displayed a total lack of understanding of the nature of what he is proposing . . . he is unable to satisfy the onus of establishing his suitability to run a karaoke bar," Judge Hole said.

Mr Sun said he felt the decision was unfair and he was considering challenging it.