Moon jellyfish invade Wellington waters

A large swarm of moon jellyfish have been calling Wellington Harbour home for about two months.

The swarm was spotted in Evans Bay today and angler Raymond Yang said it was travelling in ‘‘large bubbles’’.

Island Bay Marine Education Centre programme manager Julian Hodge said the ‘‘moon jelly’’ swarm had been in Wellington Harbour for a couple of months.

In the right conditions they could be found four to five deep washed up against Chaffers Marina.

‘‘They are pretty much harmless to people. The venom in their sting is pretty much benign.’’

People would spot them ‘‘pulsing’’ through the water, where they were trying to feed on small animals such as zooplankton.

They likely travelled to Wellington on a warm current down the east coast of the North Island then were pushed into the harbour in a southerly.

The Dominion Post