Motorist draws the line on bad road marking

It's taken three court challenges, but a Wellington man has won a minor victory over contentious parking tickets issued near his home.

After a third High Court fight with Murray Friar over the same issue, Wellington City Council has - at a judge's urging - decided to repaint the lines on the road. "We will follow the judge's advice and repaint the area to bring an end to the tiresome saga," council spokesman Richard MacLean said.

Mr Friar is considered a "repeat offender" by the council for consistently challenging his parking tickets in court.

In 2009 and 2012 - with mixed results - and again this year, he took his fights to court, contending the road markings on Upland Rd in Kelburn were misleading. He was fined for parking within 6m of the Plunket St intersection. He parked on a white line "approximately 2-2.5 metres from the kerb", while around the corner on Plunket St the line became a broken yellow line. Mr Friar contended this showed a difference in parking restrictions between the streets, contrary to what the public should expect.

Last week Mr Friar had his most recent fine quashed by Justice David Collins, who also recommended the council repaint the lines - which he said were "a source of confusion".

The council admitted the white line 2-2.5m from the kerb was an irregularity and could not think of another example of road markings used in the same way.

The Dominion Post