Name released in pool death

04:13, Dec 05 2013
Emergency services at Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre
CALL OUT: Emergency services at Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre.

The name of a 49-year-old woman who died at the Kilbirnie swimming pool this morning has been released.

She was Motuiliu Groom.

Fire, police, and ambulance were called to the eastern suburbs Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre at 6.45am, Inspector Ian Harris said.

It was initially described as a ''near drowning''.

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At 7.05am emergency services were still trying to resuscitate the unconscious woman using CPR, but by 7.40am she was confirmed dead.


Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said the death was a ''tragic medical incident'' but not a drowning.

Staff and other pool users spotted the woman alive but in trouble. They pulled her out of the water to start CPR. About five staff at the pool were directly involved.

Staff who were working had been stood down for a debrief so new staff had to be brought in before the pool could reopen, which was expected in part later this morning.

The pool also had to be blessed before opening again.

Jill McCarthy was training with a swim squad at the pool when everyone was asked to get out and leave.

She said there were about 35 people using the lanes who were "very calmly" asked to leave the pool by the staff while CPR was performed on the woman.

"There was no panic and the lifeguards were very calm and collected about it all.''

It was 6.48am when pool users were asked to get out and an ambulance, fire and police arrived shortly after, she said.

An ambulance spokesman said lifeguards tried to resuscitate the woman using a defibrillator and when Wellington Free staff arrived they went into ''full cardiac arrest protocol'' including trying CPR but could not revive the woman.

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