Disused reservoirs being demolished

16:49, Dec 15 2013

Old reservoirs surplus to requirements are being demolished around Wellington.

Capacity Infrastructure Services is in the midst of a $100,000 project to remove seven disused reservoirs, including some up to 100 years old, and restore the land.

Capacity is owned by the Wellington and Hutt city councils and runs water, stormwater and wastewater systems for those cities and Upper Hutt. The company manages about 121 reservoirs.

Spokesman Alex van Paassen said most of the decommissioned reservoirs had not been used for about 10 years and were no longer required to "balance" the network by providing backup in case of drought or particularly high demand.

Earthquake-strengthening work on other reservoirs, including the Stuart MacAskill Lakes, which recently went through a $10 million upgrade, and network improvements such as widening pipes, also made the reservoirs unnecessary.

Many of the reservoirs were small, containing only about 100,000 litres.

By comparison an Olympic swimming pool held 2.5m litres, and the northern Stuart MacAskill Lake, which finished being refilled in October, held 1.6 billion litres.

"The quantities of these reservoirs are really just so small that you really are, literally, talking about a drop in a bucket," Mr van Paassen said.


The Dominion Post