Phoenix cry foul over cheeky poster prank

16:54, Dec 18 2013
phoenix poster
FOOTBALL TOMFOOLERY: Several Phoenix posters on Go Wellington buses have been tampered with to read ‘‘homo games’’ instead of the original ‘‘home games’’.

Wellington Phoenix posters doctored to read "homo games" instead of "home games" have been removed from the city's bus fleet.

Phoenix head of marketing Kyla Lange said someone had done a very good job of defacing the posters to the point that they looked like a spelling mistake.

Go Wellington had been asked to check all its buses and strip down the dodgy posters.

Ms Lange said the posters advertising for fans to "get behind the Phoenix", with a list of the December home games, had been on buses since November.

She was told of the tampering yesterday and immediately asked Go Wellington to remove the doctored posters.

"We've got a sense of humour about it and, to be honest, we're quite flattered someone has gone to so much effort.


"We're stoked that we're that important to someone that the posters have caught their attention and they've spent so much time doing this."

She said a Phoenix staff member was sent a picture of an edited poster yesterday morning and she had immediately contacted Phoenix sponsor Go Wellington to ask the company to remove them.

It was not known how long the posters had been up or how many people might have seen them.

"It won't stop us putting posters up in the future, but I might watch the words I use," Ms Lange said.

NZ Bus chief executive Rachel Drew said the service team had checked half of the 240-bus fleet yesterday and only a handful of posters needed to be removed.

"It doesn't look like we'll be dealing with hundreds or anything like that," she said.

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