No New Year countdown for the capital

23:00, Dec 29 2013

The plug has been pulled on Wellington's council-run waterfront New Year's Eve.

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said the council this year planned a January 1 event at Waitangi Park instead.

Trinity Roots, Eb and Sparrow and Vanessa Stacey will perform at the January 1 event that is being marketed as an 11am-4.30pm welcoming of 2014 with ''good food, great music and fun activities for the kids''.

Mr MacLean said it had been more than a decade since the council had not thrown a New Year's Eve event.

It was an ''operational'' decision not to have the New Year's Eve event this year and councillors did not vote on it.

The New Year's event had a relatively-low turnout due to alcohol not being allowed, Wellington emptying out around New Year's, and families heading home well before midnight.


''It usually ends with a bit of a whimper rather than a bang.''

It comes after the council attracted ''substantial amounts of accusations that we were Grinchy'' after it retired - but did not replace - Christmas decorations around the city, including the Midland Park tree.

Both decisions would be reconsidered for next year.

The Dominion Post