Burst main halves Gisborne water supply

05:26, Jan 07 2014

Gisborne is in water ''crisis'' after a water main ruptured.

The pipe from the North Island east coast city's Mangapoike Dams burst yesterday afternoon when the hillside slipped around it, deputy chief executive Peter Higgs said.

In a typical day at this time of year, 21,000 cubic metres of water was used in Gisborne.

The city's other supplies - Te Arai bush catchment and the Waipaoa Water Treatment Plant - could only supply 14,000 cubic metres of water a day between them.

When industry returned in full on Monday, demand was expected to reach 28,000 cubic metres - twice what could be supplied.

A temporary fix was expected to take about two weeks, Mr Higgs said.


''Crisis is not an over-reaction.''

All non-essential water use such as sprinklers, irrigation, and car washing had been banned.

The slip was on a roadway and was about 70 metres long.

It was not clear how long a permanent repair would take.

The Dominion Post