Driver heard explosions after fatal crash

03:04, Jan 08 2014
SH1 fatal crash near Sanson on SH1
HORROR SCENE: Two trucks and a car were involved in this fatal crash south of Sanson on State Highway 1.
SH1 fatal crash near Sanson on SH1
HORROR SCENE: Two trucks and a car were involved in this fatal crash south of Sanson on State Highway 1.
SH1 fatal crash near Sanson on SH1
HORROR SCENE: Two trucks and a car were involved in this fatal crash south of Sanson on State Highway 1.
Crash SH1
FROM ABOVE: The chaotic scene of the crash was captured by a passing helicopter pilot.
Crash SH1
HUGE MESS: A helicopter pilot took photos of the scene as he flew over it.
Crash SH1
MORNING SCENE: Photos from the crash, taken at 8.30am on Wednesday morning.

One of the truck drivers carrying a multi-million dollar boat from Palmerston North to Foxton Beach tried to put out a "wall of fire" after a fatal crash took place behind him overnight.

Central House Moving truck driver Matt Nairn was transporting the top deck of an 11 metre-wide Profab Central Engineering-built catamaran along State Highway 1 when he heard a "massive bang" about 200m behind him.

At least one person died in the smash between two trucks and a car following the go-slow convoy on State Highway 1 south of Sanson in Manawatu shortly after midnight.

SH1 fatal crash near Sanson on SH1
HUGE LOAD: The crash happened behind the convoy of this 24-metre long, 11-metre wide catamaran, which was being transported from Palmerston North to Foxton via Sanson overnight.

The 24-metre long and 11m-wide vessel was being carried in two parts - a hull and a top deck - in a crawling journey from Palmerston North to Foxton via Sanson overnight.

Mr Nairn said he looked behind him to see a fire starting. He stopped the truck, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and ran to the scene.

"Once the blaze had started it was useless. There was nothing we could do. We had four to six extinguishers between us but it was a waste of time.


"I didn't even realise there was a car in there because the flames were so big.

"It was side to side on the road and up as high as the power lines, we couldn't get to the other side. It was a big wall of flame.

"Our team were just focused on getting the truck drivers out and then once that had been done, the first explosion happened."

Mr Nairn said he believed the uninjured truck drivers had made it out of the truck on their own. 

Concerns then turned to the boat, he said.

The 110 tonne boat - when fully assembled and full of fuel - sleeps 18 people and is to be launched later in the month in the mouth of the Manawatu River before being sailed to Darwin to be predominantly used by an oil and gas company as a gear transporter.

"We started getting concerned about the wires in the heat.

"The fact we had $7 million worth of boat close to the fire was definitely in the back of the mind, and we wanted to unblock the road for emergency services, so we made the decision to carry on.

"There was diesel all over the road and as we got back to the trucks we started hearing more explosions. It could have been tyres popping, I don't know, but there were about 10 explosions in total."

None of the trucks in the crash were taking part in the boat move, Mr Nairn said.

The boat arrived in Foxton Beach at about 4am, nine hours after leaving Profab Engineering in Palmerston North.

The Central House Movers team were shifting the boat into the water this afternoon, Mr Nairn said.

"It's a horrible thing to have happened. We had enough to think about in general while we were shifting it and for this to happen is not nice for the guys."


Nick Perry, 15, and his brother Dion, 16, were standing at their gate on SH1 watching the huge catamaran creep along the road, travelling at slow speed towards Foxton, taking up both lanes.

The Big Chill truck was directly behind the truck carrying part of the huge boat, while a red car way following the Big Chill truck.

Almost directly outside the Perry's home, a third truck carrying fresh produce came up behind the convoy at a faster speed and wasn't able to break hard enough in time, Nick said.

It ploughed into the back of the red car, pushing it under the back right side of the Big Chill truck.

At the time of impact, there was a huge explosion and all three vehicles burst into flame.

"The flames went up like a mushroom cloud, reaching up to the power lines," said Nick.

The car was completely engulfed in flames.

The fresh produce truck continued around the smash and came to a stop across the road in front of the other vehicles.

The teens said both trucks were carrying full loads.

Nick and Dion ran back into the house and called 111, while their father went and spoke with one of the drivers who was found sitting in a paddock.

A crane was at the scene, lifting parts of the wreckages this morning.

The impact of the crash saw pieces of charred vegetables sprayed across the scene.


Neville Pearson, who lived on nearby Milner Rd, said he heard a "fairly big" bang some time after midnight, followed by more bangs, and at first thought someone was out shooting rabbits.

He looked out his window and saw fire, at first thinking one of the houses flanking the crash site was ablaze.

When he arrived at the scene about 15 minutes later, the damaged car was engulfed in flames in the middle of the road.

One of the trucks, which both came to a stop facing south, had a badly damaged cab.

At that time, the fire had not reached the cabs of the trucks, and both drivers were out.

He asked one driver what happened and was told "a car and a truck came out of nowhere...I had no where to go".

The second driver, in shock, had to be called in by firemen from wandering in a nearby paddock.

Flames from one of the trucks had been reaching up to the power lines, Pearson said.

A second man, who pulled up to the cordons briefly, said he was behind the vehicles and one of the trucks was carrying a wide load.


Police said the trucks, a B-train and a semi-trailer, and the Nissan vehicle were travelling between Sanson and Foxton.

One person in the Nissan vehicle died at the scene and police believed there was a second person in the vehicle, but this had yet to be confirmed.

The gender of the deceased was unknown at this stage, police said.

Both truck drivers were uninjured but were taken to hospital for assessment.

"They are both understandably very shaken up from the crash and we hope to formally speak to them in the next few days," Area Response Manager Senior Sergeant Nigel Allan said.

Preliminary indications suggested that all three vehicles were travelling southbound at the time of the crash.

The Serious Crash Unit was conducting a scene examination and the vehicles would be removed from the road today for further analysis.

Diversions were currently in place on Milner Road and Himatangi Crossroads (State Highway 56), and were expected to continue till at least noon today.

"I want to thank motorists for their understanding as we work to have the highway open as soon as possible. In the meantime I would ask that motorists take alternative routes and exercise caution on diversion routes," Allan said.

Diversions were in place as follows:

Southbound traffic was being diverted off SH1 from Rongotea Road. Northbound traffic was being diverted off SH1 from Himatangi Beach Road.

Due to the fact that traffic was being diverted along back roads motorists were advised they may experience delays and would need to drive with caution.


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