Travelling the Pacific in our own backyard

22:54, Jan 19 2014
Faipoto Apolo
BELTING OUT THE BEATS: Cook Islands drummer Faipoto Apolo in action.

Wellingtonians were able to take a tour of the Pacific Islands without leaving the capital at the Positively Pasifika festival at the weekend.

Waitangi Park festival-goers had the chance to learn hula, traditional quilting and how to make floral headbands.

Organiser Suzanne Tamaki said each country had a marquee showcasing its traditional and contemporary culture, arts and food.

The good weather meant the festival was well-attended, Ms Tamaki said.

"It was absolutely packed - there were thousands and thousands. The food was really popular, they kept running out and had to keep cooking more."

The main stage featured artists from the Solomon Islands, Niue and Tuvalu, culminating in the performance of Bella Kalolo, but the "powerhouse diva" had serious competition for the most popular act of the day from a Brandon Intermediate performing arts group.


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